Still July

This song is about the endless possibilities a new summer brings, and the feeling that it’s over before it’s even begun. This was written and recorded in the Storm Kid home studio on a sweaty Brooklyn night in July 2019.



The single was released in the Fall of 2017, with a music video that was featured on VEVO’s top Indie picks.

To make the music video for "Shine" singer Charlie Geyer captured nearly 200 portraits of real people to capture an unfiltered look at a generation.

Learn more about the making of Shine.

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Cheap Guitars

Released in October 2015 under the moniker Von Geyer, Cheap Guitars is the debut EP for Storm Kid and marked their emergence onto the New York music scene.

Pancakes and Whiskey said about the debut single Walking.

“‘Walking’ is the type of tune that gets stuck in your head for its sheer brilliance and catchy choruses.”

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